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Updated 5/18/20

We at Balance Medical are focused on providing the safest care to all of our patients, especially those women who are pregnant.

In line with federal recommendations, we will pledge to do the following:

  • Minimize all non-essential surgeries, procedures and appointments

    • Balance Medical staff will be contacting patients this week to discuss alternate scheduling where appropriate.

  • Practice social distancing

    • Balance Medical will schedule fewer patients per hour.

    • Balance will continue to provide care in our private, low traffic space.

  • Promote good habits

  • Facilitate situation awareness

    • Balance Medical will continue to review and share CDC, WHO, AMA and ACOG recommendations.

  • Adding telehealth services

    • Balance Medical is anticipating opportunities in telehealth, including audio and live video appointments coming as
      early as this week.


We are aware that pregnant women are managing COVID-19 infection as well as anyone else. We are also aware that pregnant women are in a unique situation. Balance Medical will continue to provide a safe space for all of our patients, and as we do still encourage routine OB visits, we ask that you use your best judgement for you and your baby. In order to provide the safest care to pregnant patients, we ask that at this time you do not bring family and friends with you to your appointment, unless absolutely necessary. If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or any respiratory symptoms CALL IN FIRST!

Balance Medical is NOT offering COVID-19 testing. Additionally, it is our goal to redirect all patients with respiratory complaints to urgent care and primary care clinics in order to minimize the potential for virus in the Balance Medical space. We are hopeful that this will minimize exposures as much as possible.

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